Most frequent questions and answers

The data is fully compatible with the new version: you just have to copy the file ‘TreeNoote_1.4.exe’ in your old folder and run this one.

Your TreeNoote data is stored in TN _ *. * Files.

The TN.ini file contains the path to save these files.

Click on  for add a new note.
The creation date and time is displayed at the bottom of the window,
as well as the date and time of the last modification.
If you want to add a note directly as a ‘daughter’ of a file:
select the ‘parent’ file and add your note.

Click on to delete a note.

If you want the deletion to be done after a confirmation request:
‘File’ menu, ‘Preferences’ and ‘Delete confirmation’ option.

Click on .
From the print window, you can also export the note in PDF format.

Select the note, then at the top right, select the new “File Classification” from the list.

Use the search field,
the records found are displayed on the left, with a counter in the bottom left.
Clic on , to cancel search mode.

When you create a note, its title becomes a new ‘classification’ field.

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